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Debe tener un largo de, por lo menos, un palmo que es lo que se precisa para que al tomarlo con su mano quien lo ha de tocar, se vea parte del Shof...

Thirteen fun facts you may not know about Jerusalem

Jerusalem en tiempo de Herodes
Jerusalem, the holiest city in the world. The oldest settlements in Jerusalem date back to the 5th millennium BC. C. and is one of the oldest citi...

They discover a 2,000-year-old synagogue in a northern city

Descubren una sinagoga de 2 mil años en una ciudad del norte - Compraenisrael
It is the second synagogue found in Migdal , in the Galilee region. According to the researchers, this is the first case in which two cult sites f...

Sukkot, the festival of humility

Sucot, la fiesta de la humildad - Compraenisrael
Today, at sunset, Sukkot begins, a festivity that invites you to live in humility and share what you have, living for a week, in a Sukkah, a preca...

A universal Jewish holiday

Una festividad judía universal - Compraenisrael
Yom Kippur is the most characteristic and most respected commemoration of the Jewish liturgy, but its meaning transcends it, since it has a much b...


LOS 9 SIMBOLOS JUDIOS - Compraenisrael
And the history of these well-known emblems. Is there a universal Jewish symbol? Around the world, people associate a plethora of signs with Jews...

Is it okay to wear a necklace with a mezuzah? by Yehuda Shurpin

¿Es correcto usar un collar con una mezuzá? por Yehuda Shurpin - Compraenisrael
Is it okay to wear a necklace with a mezuzah? by Yehuda Shurpin I would like to wear a necklace with a pendant mezuzah I know the mezuzah th...


Yizkor - Compraenisrael
Our thoughts are always with our deceased, and somehow everything good that we do helps them (Like helping others, or trying to be better people, ...

Pleasant interview with an Orthodox Jew from Jerusalem

Agradable entrevista a un judío ortodoxo de Jerusalén - Compraenisrael
The religious world, whatever the religion, contains traditions, rites, customs that are not understandable to people outside it. Nothing is wrong...

Aerial images of Israel

Imágenes aéreas de Israel - Compraenisrael
Photographer Eyal Asaf shares photos of some traditional Israeli landscapes. The Reading Bridge in Tel Aviv. Photo: Eyal Asaf The Pandemic ...

Tallit: Tekhelet and the differences between them

Talit: Tekhelet  y las diferencias entre si - Compraenisrael
Some 1,300 years ago, the secrets of Tekhelet, this wondrous blue color, and the identity of the mysterious sea creature, the Chillazon, which pro...

What is a Mevushal or non-Mevushal wine?

¿Qué es un vino Mevushal o no Mevushal? - Compraenisrael
Kosher wine is wine made and handled exclusively by mitzvot-practicing Jews. If the wine was made by Gentiles, or handled by Gentiles, it would no ...