Shipping policy

The ordering process at COMPRAENISRAEL.COM is simple. Browse the site and find the products you want to purchase. Press the Add to Cart button for each product you wish to purchase. Once you have chosen all the products, select the My Cart link at the top of the page or proceed to checkout after adding an item to the cart.

Make sure that all the products in the shopping cart are really the products you want. Choose (if applicable) one of each variable to enable the BUY BUTTON. Fill in all your personal information on the order form and hit submit. Save your order number. After receiving the order and completing the payment process at COMPRAENISRAEL.COM, we will send an order confirmation to your email. As soon as the product is ready for shipment, you will receive a delivery confirmation of the package with the corresponding shipment tracking numbers.

The CLIENT undertakes to provide a valid address that can be located by any email and that can be accessed without doubt. In the event that the CLIENT provides a confusing, incomplete or unlocatable address for any mail, additional expenses that may arise until delivery to the desired address will be charged.

The methods used are:

FAST AIR MAIL AT YOUR CHARGE (DHL/UPS/FEDEX or any other private mail)

The JEWELRY Collection has free shipping but due to its value, the ease of loss or theft is recommended to send them by Private Mail. The Store is not responsible for the loss, loss or theft of purchases of JEWELRY items for choosing free shipping by Israel Post.

There may be some very specific products that only have shipments by Private Mail, either by volume or weight.

Shipping times

Estimated shipping and delivery dates are based on several factors, including item availability, destination, and shipping options. Also, orders for multiple items or multiple copies of a single item may take longer to assemble.

Approximate delivery dates can be estimated by adding processing time, availability, and shipping time. In general, the availability of preparation of an article is in 3/5 business days of Israel. It may be less or more depending on the item in question. For example: Sandals have a processing time of 14 to 16 days for dispatch.

The shipping time by Air Mail (free) to Europe is estimated at 2/3 weeks. To North America 2/4 weeks. To Mexico it can take 3/5 weeks and to South America 4/6 weeks. The times are estimates and depend on the post office of the delivery countries. (These delivery times are an average within COVID times. They may vary.

Express Air Mail (DHL/FedEx/UPS) 7/10 business days.

To check the availability of a specific item, please contact us at and specify which products it is in the message.

Processing time depends on when your order is received. The working week in Israel is from Sunday to Thursday. Orders received on Thursday after 4 pm will not be processed until the following Sunday. Similarly, orders received on Jewish national or religious holidays will not be processed until the next business day. Most orders take 5-7 business days to process.

The sale in COMPRAENISRAEL.COM begins when your payment is made. From there, the product supply portion of our business relationship begins. Once the platform informs us that it has accepted your payment, we will begin to process your order.

The information about the terms of assembly of your order, or customization (if applicable) takes from 5 to 7 business days. Israel business days and hours are listed in the Shipping Policy.