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The gematric encounter between Wuhan-born disease and Kabbalah

The gematric encounter between Wuhan-born disease and Kabbalah

In order to understand this note, we must first know what is gematria? Gematria is a numerological system by which Hebrew letters correspond to numbers. This system, developed by the practitioners of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism or Jewish philosophy), derived from Greek influence (although there are those who say that it was already known in the Babylonian exile and the Wise Rabbis only taught it to one or two disciples). and it became a tool for interpreting biblical texts.

In gematria, each Hebrew letter is represented by a number (for example, aleph = 1, bet = 2, etc.). So you can calculate the numerical value of a word by adding the values ​​of each letter in it. In the realm of biblical interpretation, commentators base an argument on the numerological equivalence of words. If the numerical value of a word is equal to that of another word, a commentator could make a connection between these two words and the verses in which they occur and use this to test broader and deeper conceptual conclusions.


Letter Values

1 - Aleph א
2 - Bet ב
3 - Gimel ג
4 - Dalet ד
5 - Hey ה
6 - Vav
7 - Zayin ז
8 - Jet ח
9 - Teth ט
10 - Yod י
20 - Kaph כ
30 - Lamed ל
40 - Mem מ
50 - Nun נ
60 - Samech ס
70 - Ain ע
80 - Pei פ
90 - Tzaddik צ
100 - Kuf ק
200 - Reish ר
300 - Shin ש
400 - Tav ת
500 - Kaf Sofit (end) ך
600 - Mem Sofit (end) ם
700 - Nun Sofit (end) ן
800 - Pei Sofit (end) ף
900 - Tzadik Sofit (end) ץ

Now, what does this have to do with the epidemic coming from China? Let's relate it.

It is called "Isur hajilat eber min hajai" to the prohibition of eating limbs or part of a live animal. There are 7 precepts for man to fulfill, whether he is a Jew or not. They are called: The 7 Laws of Noah and are also known as the 7 Precepts of the Nations and they are:

Don't worship idols.

do not blaspheme

Do not commit sins of a sexual nature.

Do not steal.

Don't murder.

Do not eat the meat of a live animal.

Establish courts of justice to implement compliance with said laws.

The explanation to point 6 that Chabad gives us is the following:

“Respect God's creatures. At the dawn of creation, man was the gardener of the Garden of Eden, "to work and protect it." At first, man was forbidden to harm animals. After the great flood, he was allowed to eat meat, but with a warning: Do not cause unnecessary suffering to any animal.

Everything agrees that you should not eat live animals, or pieces of them. And when dying, it must be respected and prevent all kinds of suffering.

Now look at the image below: In the upper word, in Hebrew it says CORONA, as the virus that is threatening millions of people is called. In the sentence below it says: "Ajal eber min hajai", which we already translated above means that you will not eat pieces (parts, members, lower members, etc) of a living animal." Both gematric numbers give 367.

Will it be a confirmation message that the Corona Virus is related to having eaten live animals? Kabbalah demonstrates their relationship. The conclusions are from our readers.


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