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In "Maccabees", where the triumph over the Greeks is recounted, it is not found in the Torah, but in an apocryphal book for Judaism and part of the Christian New Testament. It is believed that one of the reasons was to avoid the irritation of the Romans who at the time occupied the land of Israel.

The famous actress Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism. Her conversion was due to her marriage to Arthur Miller. Miller's mother, for Marilyn's conversion, gives her a nine-branched Menorah. The Chanukiah had a music box at its base where the Hatikva (Hymn of the State of Israel) was heard. It is currently in the Jewish Museum in New York.


The very salty food in the Chanukah celebrations have a reason. Judith fed the Assyrian general Holofernes salty cheese so that, thirsty, he would drink so much wine until he was drunk. Thus, weakened and drunk, Judith decapitated him. This action was very impressive for the Assyrians, since the weakness of a woman managed to behead a man.

Yeshiva University sets world record for spinning dreidls. Some 618 students, alumni, faculty, staff, neighbors and friends of the university broke the record during the "Dreidel-Palooza" event. Yeshiva University students and others broke the Guinness World Record Tuesday night by spinning the largest number of whirligigs in history. The "Dreidel-Palooza" is an event organized by "Students Helping Students", an alumni organization that raises funds for undergraduate scholarships.

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